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The DermR Patch

DermR health Solutions

The DermR Patch is a first-of-its-kind microneedle patch that quickly and effectively extracts skin cells pain-free. The sample can then be sent to a laboratory for analysis, with the results being a pre-screening for skin cancers.

September 2023

Hello to all our followers! We can't believe how quickly August and September have come and gone. Here is an update on all things Team DermR.

Ethics applications

The last month saw us delve deep into finalising our ethics application, a pivotal step that will pave the way for our proof of concept. If you're unfamiliar with what this entails, it's a comprehensive document that outlines every tiny detail of our solution. From our clinical protocols and customer consent processes to an exhaustive safety overview, this application is designed to ensure our device poses no risks to patients.

Key collaborations

We're thrilled to announce that Panaceum Group will be spearheading this phase of our proof of concept. Panaceum Group is a leading healthcare provider in the Pilbara region. With a focus on a patient-centred care, they combine traditional medical practices with innovative approaches to meet the diverse health needs of their patients. Their services range from general practice to specialised healthcare solutions, ensuring that community members receive comprehensive care under one roof. Through their dedication to excellence and continuous improvement, Panaceum Group remains at the forefront of healthcare provision in the Pilbara region.

We will engage with most of our patients and practitioners through Panaceum Group, making them an integral part of our proof of concept.

In tandem, The Australian Genome Research Facility (AGRF) WA, our NATA-accredited genomics facility, will be the guardians of testing standards for the DermR patch solution. The AGRF is a leading genomics service provider that offers genomic solutions and expertise to the academic, clinical, and commercial sectors in Western Australia and nationally. They are known for their state-of-the-art facilities and capabilities in gene sequencing and bioinformatics, enabling cutting-edge research in health.

Next steps – awaiting approval

Before we can commence, an independent committee will meticulously review our ethics application. Their goal? To ensure that our solution is completely safe for its users.

But our journey with ethics applications doesn't end there. We believe in a comprehensive approach and are currently drafting a second application aimed specifically at engaging with indigenous communities via PAHA and WAAHEC.

Stakeholder engagement and the road ahead

While our application undergoes assessment, we're not sitting idle. Our team is fervently engaging with various stakeholders through interviews. This is all in a bid to grasp a deeper understanding of how DermR Health can truly revolutionise regional and remote health care and create a lasting positive impact on patients. Stay tuned, as we have more exciting updates to share in the coming month!

Did you know?

Ever wondered about the origins of our name, DermR Health? Here's a breakdown:
Derm = Dermatology

At our core, we're a MedTech Dermatological company. Our focus is on creating innovative, next-gen devices that harness the power of real-time genomics (RNA). Our mission is to improve early detection and targeted treatment for the most common cancers to reduce the burden of disease while also developing patient-friendly, non-invasive approaches to cancer screening and management.

Stay connected with us for more updates, and here's to reimagining the future of regional and remote health care together!

July 2023

We are thrilled to provide you with our first monthly update for The Challenge!  Our monthly updates will provide detailed insights into our project development and the milestones we reach.

July marked the commencement of an exhilarating chapter in DermR Patch's story unveiling our world-first, brand-new technology to screen for skin cancers without needing a biopsy, with the Pilbara region set to become the pioneers in trialling our solution.

We are sincerely grateful for the support and warm welcome extended by the Minister for Medical Research and Innovation, Stephen Dawson, and the vibrant community of Karratha as we attended the official launch.

Our plans for the next 12 months will be transformative and extend beyond the confines of implementing our technological innovation. Our ambitious goal is to also engage with at least 50 stakeholders, fostering an open dialogue and creating a strong foundation for progress. This engagement will allow us to gather invaluable insights and allow us to deeply understand the unique challenges these communities face, identify potential areas for improvement in our solution, and reaffirm the pressing need for our services.

To our readers, we invite each of you to follow us in our ground-breaking adventure and get behind Team DermR! With continued community support, we hope to change the landscape of skin cancer detection and improve rural healthcare for all.

Here's to the pain-free future of skin cancer detection and our united drive to reimagine regional and remote healthcare!

Stefan Mazy
CEO Founder

July media coverage